• A Sculpture Like You And Me – The Publication (2017)


    Do you own your body? Is your body an object? Or a collection of objects? Can you sculpt and sell your body parts? Do objects have any will of their own? Are you a sculpture?

    In ‘A Sculpture Like You and Me’, artist Rosa Sijben and medical ethicist Sarah Boers investigate the ambiguous nature of objects and the interchangeable roles of persons and things.

    The publication is limited to 200 editions and can be ordered for 28€ (incl. tax, excl. shipping/ packaging costs 7.98€)


    The project exists in two independent but complementary parts: a performance that premiered at De Appel Arts Centre in Amsterdam in June 2016, and this publication, released in February 2017 at Art Rotterdam.


    Simone Hogendijk, Artistiek directeur Over het IJ Festival


    ‘I felt a form of involvement when reading the book, that I can imagine would be the same when seeing the performance. The meeting of two lines, a more concrete and a more abstract one, opened new frames for thinking. It made me read and see better.’


    The Publication has been made possible with the generous support of:


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