Rosa Sijben

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[horizontalflickr album=72157675567273468] Demo (2018/2019)   Demo is an installation plus a series of performances in public space at Zuidas, the business district of Amsterdam, taking place from July 2018 until the present. The performance exists of repainting the installation. The first act was done by myself, being a town crier, positively alarming with a bright […]


[horizontalflickr album=72157700267927412] Sjaak (2017)   Sjaak is an object I made in 2017. He proves to be quite an attention seeker, even though he’s usually very quiet. On the many trips we’ve made together I exhibit him just as much as he exhibits me. Sjaak (image 11, 12) is an object I made in 2017. […]


Zelf (2017/2018)   Zelf is a series of eight sculptures that are made to fit exactly into existing covers. They were shown in the (temporary) possession of eight neighbours of the exhibition venue. In the exhibition space, a flyer invited the audience to ring their doorbells and pay them a visit so they could personally […]