In September 2012 I did a residency in  HAL25, in Alkmaar. It culminated in a work titled ‘ECHT WAAR’ (really true), which consisted of guided tours, starting every 30 minutes during one Saturday afternoon. The public was led by a guide along locations I had selected: into shops, storage spaces, and outside on the streets of the furniture strip, the semi-industrial area where HAL25 is situated. At the same time I was running a different route, directing their view. Passing several locations that weren’t intended as stages, but using them as such. Sometimes it would be me who was performing just by running exercises or speaking to them on locations that played with perspectives from their point of view. At other times, they themselves would be the ones staged in relation to the shoppers surrounding them or towards the participants of the next tour.

    Noordhollands Dagblad published an Article about my recidency.