On October fifth 2013, the visitors of ‘EN VERDER’ (‘AND FURTHER’) gathered at Showroom MAMA in Rotterdam, after subscribing via the website. There, they were welcomed by a guide, who they then followed by bike to the Maastunnel, where, after descending the wooden escalators, they started walking southwards.

    Slowly but surely, more and more of what seemed like normal passers-by were wearing red clothing. It remained right on the edge of what could still be accidental uniformity until at the very climax, most of the audience was pretty much sure this couldn’t be coincidental anymore. The yellow line in the middle of the tunnel that seemed to be a normal traffic line at first, started to catch attention towards the end of the tunnel, starting to reference to some sort of abstract sportsfield.

    The public left the tunnel on the South-end by elevator and came back down again by

  • escalator. This required a short walk outside, facing a yellow, 43 meters high gantry crane. An abstracted and scaled down version of this crane was on show in showroom MAMA, a connection which made the gantry crane a part of the work without me even touching it. Most of the public saw this connection, but not all of them did. It was important to me that it remained possible to miss it because it shows that those who have observed this part of the work really discovered it themselves, so it is partly created by fact that they saw it.

    On the way back through the tunnel, the same performers passed the group, but now no longer in red clothing. Just like in the case of the gantry crane, the memory of the viewer determined whether this would be noticed or not. Right before the public arrived back at the North-side of the tunnel, a whistle sounded far behind them. A group of runners started to run up and down the tunnel, in and out of the public’s vision. Because of the perspective, it seemed as though they were running ‘in and out’ of the ceiling.

  • After this the group followed the guide out of the North side of the tunnel where he gave them the option to either follow him back to the showroom or to continue their way. This is where the work ended, but as the title ‘AND FURTHER’ implied it continued outside of itself because of the way it ‘programmed’ the public’s way of looking.
  • I’m incredibly grateful to have

    worked with this amazing team:

    Performers in red:

    Annie van der Meijde,

    Frank van Bergen,

    Anja Sintenie,

    Rosario Dominguez Garcia Huidobro,

    Daan Beckers,

    Brigitta Lacroes,

    Laurinda Lopes and Alyssa,

    Agnita Bloemendal and Moira,

    Natalia Rebelo,

    Andy Woortman,

    Maria Gondek,

    Freija van Dijk,

    Maartje Borgers,

    René de Rooze,

    Merijn Boulogne,

    Mischa Daams,

    Athena Gronti,

    Joie Jenkins,


    Mart De Jong,

    Lotte Voets and her dog.

  • Runners:

    Gerard Brand,

    Greet Brand,

    Jan van Bennekom,

    Roel Roscam Abbing,

    Lasse Christensen,

    Alexander Geijzendorffer,


    Bram Verhoef.

    Production, Showroom MAMA:

    Lori van Vlerken,

    Gerben Willers,

    Ariadne Urlus,

    Franck Poulain,

    Sarah Schonberger,

    Lauren Brand,

    Josephine Brouwer,

    Gido Cuppens,

    Rory van Wingeren.

    Invitation card:

    Oona design office,
    Gino van Weenen.

  • Photography:

    Boudewijn Bollmann.


    Marel Jap-sam.


    Jaap Sijben.

    Webtext corrections:

    Krit Zeegers.


    Studio Pompstraat.

    Special thanks to the municipality of Rotterdam and to Cargotec Rotterdam

    for their generous support consisting

    of permissions and information.

    The object that was shown in Showroom MAMA is now included in the collection

    of Heerema Fabrication Group.

    The making of.