• Fittest (2014)

    Fittest in survival of the fittest, means best fitted, which is not necessarily the most fit
    in terms of physical health.

    A performance circuit, shown repetitively over the course of a Sunday afternoon at Museum Abteiberg in Mönchengladbach, Germany. In all four parts, titled (in order of appearance) ‘These Beuys’, ‘Dance Hall’, ‘Roof Ropes’ and ‘Polke Pilates’, I worked with a mix of local semi-professional and professional practitioners in different fields of sports.
    I studied their exercise routines, selected, adjusted, reconstructed and placed them at the in- and outdoors of the museum, within the museums permanent collection. I intended to drag these movements into an ambiguous field in between showing-off and exercising in a purposeful way, and wondered whether they could alternate the way we perceived the art objects around them. In all four documentation videos the public is positioned at the same location as the camera is.

  • Performers ‘These Beuys’:
    Nikola Arsic, Jerry Oversberg,
    Christos Kazaltzis, Danny Scardina,
    Stevica Blazeski, Dominic Schiffer,
    Julian Haag, Lothar Panitz.

    Performers ‘Dance Hall’:
    Becky Fetsch, Nuria Mages,
    Bibiana Leufgen.

    Performers ‘Roof Ropes’:
    Mario Mai, Filippo Chiaradia.

    Performers ‘Polke Pilates’:
    Robin Steegman, Silke Palme, Sonia
    Clemente Guerreiro, Ewa Riedel,
    Miriam Spancken, Steffi Genenger.

    Assistant director: Robin Steegman
    Photos: Vesko Gösel
    Camera: Nikolaus Steiner, Laura Maréchal
    Editing: Laura Maréchal, Rosa Sijben

    Reviews 1 and 2 in Reinische Post

  • Fittest formed episode #6 in THINGS ARE HAPPENING, a series of events I created in the first half of 2014 during my atelier-
    stipendium in Mönchengladbach, Germany.

    Image rights of the works belonging to the collection of Museum Abteiberg: François Morellet, “Sphère-trame”, 1962 and Sigmar Polke, 6-piece “Biennale- Zyklus”, 1986
    © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2014.

    Pictures of the making of.