Rosa Sijben

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Sculpture Luggage

[horizontalflickr album=72157673404747317] Sculpture Luggage, a piece of performance (2016) ¬† Sculpture Luggage, a piece of performance, is a sculpture that fills up the space most airlines grant for hand luggage. It is a solid block of balsa wood, which makes it comply with the weight limits as well. Its outer shell is hardened with epoxy. […]


De Beweger At Weesperstraat 432 there is a large office building in use by the municipality of Amsterdam, the Projectmanagementbureau. They keep up the nice tradition to invite a curator every six months, who then invites three artists to display a movie in their entrance hall. Until the 14th of July you can see my […]


KUNSTFORUM International,”Obsessionen II” Bd. 226 Mai – Juni 2014