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[foto_album id=AJkRQU0bGTIP1uHycG4luAC9BbpIkcQGQWY2FlN8i11VbweFc3BR7HC4a7DF72bk5PMSNzlT–Rf] I See (2012) The work ‘I See’ consisted of a small solid version of one of the lighting-shafts of the exhibition space and a set of instructions. The actual lighting-shaft became my work and at the same time stayed just a functional part of reality: a duality that fascinates me. The instructions where for […]


Parool, July 5th, 2012

I Object

[foto_album id=AJkRQU0qUzqGIJKME9-922xOHCu28tewnSf7ban-mTDQ2b_h17obeoBZKVjfUeq6XbFmhenHu-0B] I Object ‘This is an object and I show it to you, now’. That is what I usually say when I show people this object (wood, 30×8 cm). Sometimes I add that I made it by hand, since that’s usually the first thing people ask. Sometimes I also say ‘if it’s a sculpture, than […]

Fine Arts Award 2012

I won the Fine Arts Award 2012!   ‘The Fine Art department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy has a prize for the best  graduation candidate. Each group has one nominee, the selection for the nominee  is decided upon by its two external examiners. At the end of the examination day,  the six external committee members (of all three groups) decide together who is the  winner of the Fine Art Award 2012.  […]


[foto_album id=AJkRQU38niE916pMFGW2FECMqwykDEDpuEVmAUkMjQBKnOgv1fO3dxAE0tmK6OsZxXmas3_jXtBs] ECHT WAAR In September 2012 I did a residency in  HAL25, in Alkmaar. It culminated in a work titled ‘ECHT WAAR’ (really true), which consisted of guided tours, starting every 30 minutes during one Saturday afternoon. The public was led by a guide along locations I had selected: into shops, storage spaces, and […]


[foto_album id=AJkRQU0ZxtOVNYJ1QiIvWsq0q5MIBKKGTNc3Ua5y4s3pBx2Wj3tWPAy17ThB1ymWKGGmZ1Iy6wH3] GETTING STUFF DONE It’s easier to do trivial things  that are urgent and practical, than it is to do important things  that aren’t. My graduation work existed of two installations, one to be seen in the exhibition and one to coincidentally run into in the city, and a performance that connects the the […]


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