It’s easier to do trivial things 
    that are urgent and practical,
    than it is to do important things 
    that aren’t.

    My graduation work existed of two installations, one to be seen in the exhibition and one to coincidentally run into in the city, and a performance that connects the the two installations. The three of them together formed the work ‘Getting Stuff Done’. In the basement of the academy a group of objects was exhibited within a grid (about 4x7mtr) of blue lines on the floor. The objects somewhat referred to the kind of objects and materials you could find on construction sites, seemingly having a practical function but what exactly this function could be remains undecided. Three times a day two guys in working clothes walked in and started to carry out the objects of one of the three surfaces in the grid. They brought the objects upstairs and started to bind them onto a pick-up truck.

  • Then they drove the car around for about thirty minutes before returning to the academy, unloading and bringing everything back to the basement. There they put them back onto the same surface they took it from, quickly and at once, arranged as was convenient for them at that moment. Every performance dealt with another of the three surfaces so that in the end of every exhibition day al objects had been transported.

    With this work I won the Fine Arts Award 2012, the department prize for the best graduation candidate, decided upon by the external examiners. The work was shown once more during Hoogtij#31 in Den Haag, at artist initiative Elders.

    Photo’s by Gert Jan van Rooij.

    Many thanks to my performers and

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