Newsletter 11.01.201

image Something to hold on to

I’m writing to you from New York City, where David Bernstein and I are building up our work ”Something to hold on to’ in the group exhibition In Practice: Other objects at SculptureCenter. Visitors are offered to hold the objects we made in their hands while they visit the rest of the (amazing!!) group exhibition. We are super happy to be part of this exhibition curated by Gee Wesley, and so grateful to have the support of the Mondriaan Fund for it. If you happen to be in the big apple, please come hold our work during the opening this Sunday 5-7 pm! After that you still have a chance to do so until 25 March 2019.

Demo video

Demo’ changed colour again! And we made a video of the latest performance. You can see it here. The work up through 24 February 2019, so you can still check it out in person on the corner of Spoorslag and Beethovenstraat, a four-minute walk from Station Amsterdam Zuid.

image Between the Soup and the Potatoes

This coming Saturday is your last chance to see ‘Between the Soup and the Potatoes’, a duo show by David Bernstein and yours truly at Billytown. It will be open late for the finissage, Sat 5-8pm.

Hey you, thanks for reading this newsletter and following my work!
It really means a lot to me, you know that? Just wanted to make sure you do.
Have an amazing 2019 and I hope to see you soon.

Warm regards,

Ps: I started to use Instagram, so if you’d like some more more frequent updates
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Newsletter 22.11.2018

image Demo

And then there was light!

The commissioners of Demo didn’t want to part from it yet and decided to keep the work, including an extra performance, until February 24th. And what I personally see as the most beautiful aspect of this prolonging, is that it was local residents, represented by Zuidas Art Projects, were the ones who convinced them to do so, on top of financing a part of the work. I rarely meet an audience that is brave enough to back up an artwork that deviates existing norms. Not only will the work change colour middle of December, the work is now also illuminated at night.

image Publication

Printing Plant Art Book Fair

If you happen to visit the Printing Plant Art Book Fair this coming weekend (23-25 November), make sure to check out the shared artist’s table. Looiersgracht60 selected the publication A Sculpture Like You and Me, that I made last year in collaboration with Sarah Boers, to be exhibited and sold. Come get it for a reduced price!

image Between the Soup and the Potatoes

Between the Soup and the Potatoes

That’s the title of a duo show by David Bernstein and yours truly coming up at Billytown, Den Haag. During a performance, while you are waiting for something to happen, it happens. While you are making art, you make other art. Sometimes there is nothing between some things, but that’s something too! Between the Soup and the Potatoes is a Flemish expression which means ‘to do something quickly in between other things’. We want to recognize the curious moments in between, to bring our attention to this void and its joyful potential. Please join us for the opening on November 30!

image Marloes


Wondering what is an internship with me is like? Suzanna wrote a very nice report (in Dutch) about her time here at my studio. The exiting -slash- insanely busy months ahead, Marloes Vreeswijk, student at AKV St.Joost, will be my new life-saving intern. Lucky me!

More -BIG- news soon…
Warm regards,

Newsletter 06.06.2018

image Get Lost Art Route

Demo – Get Lost Art Route

In two weeks from now, on June 22 at 5 pm, we get to see the result of a months-long process: my new work titled ‘Demo’ will be revealed during the opening of Get Lost Art Route. A group of monochrome painted signs announces the future of the Zuidas using nothing but colour. It aims to offer space within an efficient, goal-oriented daily practice and allows the changing colours to speak for themselves. You can visit all twelve works in the art route until 22 September 2018. Find more details here.

image Summer school Marseille

Summer school Marseille

I’m super excited to be selected by Castrum Peregrini for a fully financed place in an intensive course about participatory art under the topic: Métissage des cultures (cultural melting pot). So I’ll be studying at the University of Aix-Marseille in July… I can’t wait!

image Buitenkunst


August 11-18 we’ll be juggling with the mammoth question ‘What is Art?’ in the one-week-workshop I give at Buitenkunst Randmeer. And it’s still possible to join in! From July the 28th till August the 4th you can already have a taste by following one-day-workshops with me and other artists (of many different art disciplines) at Buitenkunst’s other location in Drenthe.

image Voorheen De Gemeente

Residency Leeuwarden

In September I’ll start a residency in Leeuwarden. VHGD was so kind to invite me to stay in their beautiful building for 4 weeks. I’ll keep you updated about the outcome…

I hope you’ll be having a great summer, wherever you are!
Warm regards,

Newsletter 26.04.2018

image Pocket work in Istanbul

Meanwhile in Istanbul

Until July 15, Hülya, Meriç and Gül, working at SALT Galata in Istanbul, will be carrying a sculpture of mine with them all the time, wherever they go. Within the framework of the exhibition Bureau of Unspecified Services, curated by Sohrab Mohebbi with the help of Gozde Filinta, you can reach them via the info desk of SALT and ask them to present ‘Pocket Work’ to you personally.

image Sjaak and Suzan in Bornem

This weekend

This Sunday my sculpture titled Sjaak (2017) and I will travel seated side by side to Bornem in Belgium for a one-hour-exhibition at 14.30 and 16.30. Come meet us there! Meanwhile, you can discover Suzan (2017) at the depot downstairs in the Ruimte, where she will reside the entire weekend.

image Buitenkunst


August 11-18 you can follow a workshop by me at Buitenkunst again. Both in theory and through experiments in practice, we’ll boldly confront the gigantic question ‘What is Art?’. You’re very welcome to join in.

image Get Lost Art Route

Big new work

Currently, I’m working on a very big new work for ‘Get Lost Art Route‘. Please make sure to block your agenda for the spectacular opening on the evening of the 22nd of June. More info coming soon.

image Suzanna


Until now I’ve been writing as if I am Rosa, but that was all a lie. In fact, this newsletter is written by me, Suzanna van Oers, Rosa’s intern and her moral, practical and mental support for the coming months. Nice to meet you! I’ve been of great help so far. Okay, now that was Rosa writing this time, really.

Warm regards,

Newsletter 08.12.2017

image The Future of What

The Future of What

Coming Friday, December 15th, the duo exhibition by Mariko Kuwahara and myself will open at Corridor project space in Amsterdam. Preparations are in full swing! My work will invite you to ring the doorbell of
eight different neighbours of Corridor, who are temporarily owning an object I made. An introduction and
more detailed instructions are to be found at Corridor. Hoping to see you there!

  • Opening hours:
  • 15 DEC 6 – 10 pm Opening with some of the neighbours (and myself) present.
  • 16 DEC 2 – 6 pm 
  • 28 DEC 2 – 6 pm 
  • 29 DEC 2 – 6 pm 
  • 30 DEC 2 – 6 pm 
  • 4 JAN 2 – 6 pm 
  • 5 JAN 2 – 6 pm 
  • 5 JAN 7 – 22 pm Dinner with some of the neighbours (and myself) present. (reservation required)
  • 6 JAN 2 – 6 pm 
  • 11 JAN 2 – 6 pm 
  • 12 JAN 2 – 6 pm 
  • 13 JAN 2 – 6 pm 

image Beurs

Beurs van Bijzondere Uitgevers

Tomorrow, December 10th, the publication ‘A Sculpture Like You and Me‘ that I made in collaboration with medical ethicist Sarah Boers, will be for sale at the ‘Fair of Special Publishers’ at Paradiso Amsterdam.
Between 1 and 5 pm you can find it in the booth of Public Rietveld. More info here.

image Niet Zonder Ons

Niet Zonder Ons

KRO-NCRV interviewed me for a documentary about the house I live in: the ‘Ramses Shaffy Huis’, a living facility for older artists, plus some younger ones with a temporary contract. The film features some fragments of my work and a very beautiful conversation I had with my neighbour and colleague Hreinn Friðfinnsson.
Missed it? Check it out here.

image Teachertour


I’m happy to continue to teach at KABK. in Den Haag after Christmas, and had a great week at Academie Minerva. Here you can see some snippets of the work students in Groningen made, exploring the twilight zone between performance and sculpture. This zone also formed the centre of a lecture I gave about my work, and discussion I led for theater design students of Charlotte Poos at HKU. #teachertour!

In-between it all I’m having a blast working with Renée Bus, who’s graduating this year at Akademie St. Joost in Breda. Coming Friday will be her last day as my intern, and she did a really, -really- great job. Make sure you keep an eye on this smart and courageous woman.

Happy holidays!

Warm regards,

Newsletter 08.10.2017

image Un3packing


The 3Package-deal supported my work from September 2016 until September 2017. Coming Thursday between 19.30 and 23 hr, all of the artist who received this support from AFK / Bureau broedplaatsen in that same period will present their work during ‘Unpacking the 3Package-deal’ at De School. Be prepared for a grande get together of fine art, film, theater, dance, music and more, curated by Rieke Vos. RSVP

image Auto workshops

AUTO workshops

Over the past four years, eight artists including myself (together named ‘Auto’) have been exchanging experience and knowledge in the form of weekly workshops. On the 6th of September I gave a talk at Pakhuis de Zwijger about my practice in general, and about the relevance of these AUTO workshops to it. Missed it? View the video documentation here (from 1:03:15).

image The Future of What

The Future of What

Save the date! 15 December 2017 until 14 January 2018: duo exhibition with new work of Mariko Kuwahara and myself at Corridor Project Space in Amsterdam, titled ‘The Future of What’. ➡️ 📆 ✔️ ‼️

image All so new!

All so new!

KABK invited me to teach ’Time / Space / Audience’ in their preparatory course, I found a new studio in Betondorp (Amsterdam) shared with Luuk Schröder, and intern Renée Bus fell out of heaven to support me for 20 days this autumn. She’s doing great! In fact she wrote most of this newsletter :.)

Hoping to see you on coming Thursday or in December at Corridor!

Warm regards,

Newsletter 21.06.2017 (older newsletters not archived)

image De Beweger

De Beweger

At Weesperstraat 432 there is a large office building in use by the municipality of Amsterdam, the Projectmanagementbureau. They keep up the nice tradition to invite a curator every six months, who then invites three artists to display a movie in their entrance hall. Until the 14th of July you can see my film ‘Bike and Frame’ (2015) while waiting for the elevator, or when you step by on purpose! Curator Renske van Enckevort wrote a beautiful text for it, that you can find attached to this email or can pick up and read on the spot.

image Mensding

Over het IJ festival

Theater maker Margit Odems and I are in full swing making a visual performance called ‘Mensding’. The result will be on show at the ferry from NDSM to Central Station Amsterdam during Over het IJ festival (14-23 July). Along the way, ‘Mensding’ puts the distinction between person and object, between visual arts and theatre and between art and daily life to the test.

  • Fri 14 July: 19.45 and 21.15
  • Sat 15 July: 16.15, 19.15 and 20.45
  • Sun 16 July: 16.15, 19.15 and 20.45
  • Mon 17 July: 18.45 and 20.15
  • Tue 18 July: 18.45 and 20.15
  • Wed 19 July: 18.45 and 20.15
  • Fri 21 July: 18.45 and 20.15
  • Sat 22 July: 16.15, 19.15 and 20.45
  • Sun 23 July: 16.15 and 19.15

Get your tickets here! Curious to follow the making of? We’re keeping a blog.

image Buitenkunst


This video is a registration of a table-performance made by Cecile Hübner during one of the workshops I gave last summer at Buitenkunst Drenthe. This is an amazing place out in the forest, where anyone can have a taste of working in a large range of different art disciplines. This year you can find me there again 5-12 August. Hoping to see you there!

Till soon!

Warm regards,

This email was all hand-programmed in HTML by the wonderful Claudine Arendt. Mailchimp eat your heart out! Today was last day of assisting me. Claudine thanks for the huge help and big fun the past few months!
Off to new adventures, you go girl!!