Bike and Frame (2015)


Recorded in Kortrijk, België, and screened as a part of solo exhibition ‘No Performance Please’ at Kunstencentrum Buda in Kortrijk. The show was curated by 14 graduates of TEBEAC in Gent and concerned the impossibility of excluding performances.

Kunstencentrum Buda, and TEBEAC graduates: Charlotte Vandenborre, Emma van Wolferen, Eva Wijnant, Evelyn Simons, Isabel Van Bos, Jeroen Staes, Lenja Van Laeken, Loes Jansen, Pamela Stuyck, Riet Meeus, Robin Legge, Stephanie Vandenecker, Anneleen Swillen en Wouter De Vleeschouwer, thanks a lot for your support and great efforts for producing, recording Bike and Frame.

August Roenne, thanks a lot for your very insightful help in the preparations.