• I Object

    ‘This is an object and I show it to you, now’. That is what I usually say when I show people this object (wood, 30×8 cm). Sometimes I add that I made it by hand, since that’s usually the first thing people ask. Sometimes I also say ‘if it’s a sculpture, than maybe this situation is called an exhibition?’ but usually I like to see it just as an object, as it is. As a sculpture it is incomplete: I consider this an artwork but only when including this situation, this way of showing it from person to person. In other words, without this context I believe it is not art or at least not my work, for example when shown on a pedestal, in a showcase or any other passive way of exhibiting. It has a cover so it can travel with its owner anytime and be shown anywhere. For an assessment I invited a friend to be my gallerist, to show it to my teachers and class while we sat in a circle. During an opening it was shown in the hands of the public, it was passed on from person to person.