• Pocket Work (2014)

    Five objects of the same kind, in five different colours, integrated in the life of five staff members of Kunstverein Düsseldorf. For the entire month of the exhibition, these persons had their own edition of the work with him/her all the time. Even when going home, to a cinema, to a sports club or wherever. The public was informed about this via the handout of the exhibition and a poster in the space. They could ask the attendants to show them their object.

    As just a sculpture it is incomplete: I consider this an artwork but only when including this situation, this way of showing it from person to person. Even though the topic of my work often is objects, and it might sometimes even take the form of an object, I don’t consider the ‘art’ to be ‘in’ the objects.

    This work was part of my solo exhibition at Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Düsseldorf 15/02/14 – 16/03/14.

  • The shape of the objects derived from the roof structure of the exhibition space and from a search for objects that suggest a practical functionality or purpose, but never answer the question what its purpose is.
    I like how the wondering that’s brought about can create so many new unexpected possibilities in our mind.

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    Photo’s by Katja Illner.

    This work is re-shown in the
    group-exhibition ‘To Get There’ at
    All Together Now, 11 April – 17 May
    2015 in Rotterdam.

    ‘To Get There’ at Trendbeheer

  • Special thanks to Peter Bork, Barbera Guttke, Bernd Oßwald, Bettina Schmitz and Hans-Jürgen Hafner for their amazing contribution by presenting and taking care of the ‘Pocketwork’ objects, in and outside the exhibition.

    The realisation of ‘THINGS YOU KNOW’ was only possible thanks to the unhesitating support of the city of Düsseldorf and the active support of Kunstverein Düsseldorf. Many thanks to Hans-Jürgen Hafner, Stephanie von Gelmini, Sigrid Konopka, Maren Klemmer & her team and Jane Killinger for the incredible trust and commitment.

    Krit Zeegers, David Bernstein, Melchior Jaspers, Anne van Duuren, Arjan Hijbeek, Eva Mooiman, Karlien van Leeuwen, Boyd de Jong, Jasmin Moeller and Mia Sánchez, thank you so much for your inspiration, for helping me think and giving me feedback.