• Zouden Zijn Zullen (2015)

    In several areas within the house, Rosa Sijben uses the same object to create a number of different situations. The form and function of these objects are not immediately recognizable, in the same way that we encounter items in the museum of which we can only guess their original uses. The volumes acquire different meanings depending on their number, placement and location. They refer to the reality of this exhibition, but also blend with the past of the exhibited house. In doing so, they casually expose the two parallel exhibition cultures that take place here.

    In some places the volumes function in tandem with the territories demarcated by the furniture. Their positioning and bright colour restrict our freedom of movement in similar ways. In other locations they hint at utensils, appear vulnerable or fulfil an decorative function. The Zouden Zijn Zullen pieces emphasise the inherent contradiction evoked by the museum’s furnishing: it is inviting and

  • ready for use, and yet we maintain a respectful distance.

    Zouden Zijn Zullen (volumes 1): clear polyester, dimensions variable (individual blocks 90x35x45 mm).

    Zouden Zijn Zullen (volumes 2): painted wood, dimensions variable (individual blocks 20x20x100 cm).

    ‘Zouden Zijn Zullen’ was shown in ‘Something Thrown in the Way of the Observer’, a group exhibition on how objects move us. The exhibition is initiated and curated by Bernke Klein Zandvoort at Museum van Loon in Amsterdam, and was the first part of her project Object Observer.

    Reviews: Tubelight (printed), Metropolis M, Mister Motley and Trendbeheer.

    Photo’s on this page by Gert Jan van Rooij.