A project initiated by Robin Linde Productions, that combined a venue that I created, with six different newly produced theatre pieces. I made an installation inside a small caravan, to be interpreted by the performance makers, who in that way ‘completed’ our collaboration. SUMMER SHORTS took place in June and July 2015 at Borough Market, London.

    Where traditionally, there first is a play, concept or story and only then the creation of the set, I wondered what would happen if fine arts wasn’t reduced to just the materials, props or costumes, but also introduces a concept and takes initiative. What if it moves from answering requests, to posing a question?

    Big thanks to Alice Ashton, Felix Schiffman and Yurika Kon for assisting me in an extremely energetic and dedicated way.
    Robin Steegman (production) and May-Britt Boekel (graphic design), thanks for the great collaboration!

  • Theatre pieces shown in this photo series, photographed by Maria Brosnan:

    LEFT OR RIGHT, created and performed by Jonathan Peck.

    SEA VIEW, Performed by Maya Wasowicz and Robin Steegman, Written by Claire Wilson, Directed by Declan Feenan.

    DIPLOMACY FROM KWAIDAN, created and performed by Tanroh Ishida and Taichi Imanishi.

    THEN – TOEN, created by Emma Berentsen & Annemiek van Elst, performed by Annemiek van Elst.

    SUMMER SHORTS was produced in collaboration with IMMERGE, a series of events leading up to MERGE Festival. In association with Better Bankside, Borough Market and Tate Modern.