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image De Beweger

De Beweger

At Weesperstraat 432
there is a large office building in use by the municipality of Amsterdam, the Projectmanagementbureau.
They keep up the nice tradition to invite a curator every six months, who then invites three artists to
display a movie in their entrance hall.
Until the 14th of July you can see my film ‘Bike and Frame’ (2015) while waiting for the elevator,
or when you step by on purpose! Curator Renske van Enckevort wrote a beautiful text for it,
that you can find attached to this email or can pick up and read on the spot.

image Mensding

Over het IJ festival

Theater maker Margit Odems
and I are in full swing making a visual performance called ‘Mensding’.
The result will be on show at the ferry from NDSM to Central Station Amsterdam during Over het IJ festival (14-23 July).
Along the way, ‘Mensding’ puts the distinction between person and object,
between visual arts and theatre and between art and daily life to the test.

  • Fri 14 July: 19.45 and 21.15
  • Sat 15 July: 16.15, 19.15 and 20.45
  • Sun 16 July: 16.15, 19.15 and 20.45
  • Mon 17 July: 18.45 and 20.15
  • Tue 18 July: 18.45 and 20.15
  • Wed 19 July: 18.45 and 20.15
  • Fri 21 July: 18.45 and 20.15
  • Sat 22 July: 16.15, 19.15 and 20.45
  • Sun 23 July: 16.15 and 19.15

Get your tickets here! Curious to follow the making of? We’re keeping a blog.

image Buitenkunst


This video is a registration of a table-performance made by Cecile Hübner
during one of the workshops I gave last summer
at Buitenkunst Drenthe.
This is an amazing place out in the forest, where anyone can have a taste of working in a large range of different art disciplines.
This year you can find me there again 5-12 August. Hoping to see you there!

Till soon!

Warm regards,

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Mailchimp eat your heart out! Today was last day of assisting me.
Claudine thanks for the huge help and big fun the past few months! Off to new adventures, you go girl!!

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